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Significant Others: Bill Dudley, producer extraordinaire of Radio WOOF recordings. Bill is also a fine musician. The Art Medium is where you'll find Brad Basil, the incredible artist who created all the original artwork for Radio WOOF Balfa Toujours is a Cajun Band. Two of its members, Dirk Powell and Kevin Wimmer, have performed on several WOOF recordings Wout Zweers is a sculptor and set designer. He is also our good friend. He showed Peter-the-Pixel Pusher (aka Bill Wellington) how to use Photoshop. Kathy O'Connel is the host of Kids Corner is a fantastic radio show broadcast over WXPN in Philadelphia. This show made "My Name is Joe" (from WOOF Hits Home) famous in the Philadelphia area. The Old Time Herald, magazine featuring the kind of string band music heard on Radio WOOF The Children's Music Network. I am a member of this international organization of folks dedicated to sharing music with children. I am also a member of the Country Dance and Song Society. This organization promotes traditional dance and music. Our family takes part in the summer family camps they offer. The National Radio Astronomy in Green Bank, West Virginia is where you'll find astronomer Jay Lockman, who helped Bill get the facts straight while recording WOOF Blasts Off! Jay is also a fine banjo player. The Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins, West Virginia is dedicated to the promotion of traditional arts, music, and dance, especially those of West Virginia. This summer Augusta is hosting a family week that we will be part of.