WOOF Blasts Off!

  1. Lift Off/Outer Space
  2. Orville & Wilbur
  3. Rover Reporter
  4. Little Billy Wilson
  5. Rooty-toot-toot
  6. Peter-the-Weather-Poet
  7. The Weightlessness Waltz
  8. Supernova Toothpaste
  9. Pulsars
  10. What's Inside of a Black Hole?
  11. Laurence the Walrus
  12. There Are No More Dinosaurs
  13. Comet
  14. Coyote Dances With the Stars
  15. U. F. O'Brien
  16. UFO Alien Crew
  17. Planetary Mythology
  18. Hard Road
  19. Introduction to Voyager
  20. Voyager
  21. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star


Bill Wellington: Banjo, guitar, banjo-ukulele, vocals
Richard Adams: Trombone, tuba, vocals
Bill Dudley: Pennywhistle, percussion, vocal effects
Ralph Gordon: Bass
Brent Hull: Percussion
Steve Hickman: Fiddle, voice of U. F. O'Brien and Rooty-toot-toot
Lynne Mackey: Piano
Alexander Mitchell: Fiddle, mandolin, guitar, harmonica, percusion
Bart Reardon: Electric guitar, special effects
Pete Vigour: Fiddle (4 & 18)
Meredith McIntosh: Bass (4 & 18)
Dave Grant: Banjo-ukulele (4 & 18)
John Herrmann: Guitar (4 & 18)

Andrew Breeden, Joyce Breeden, Elana Brody, Rachel Brody, Wanda Eaves Hardy, Constance, Mary jo Ramsey-Smith, Noah Smith: Vocals

Producer: Bill Dudley
Engineer: Bart Reardon
Cover Art: Brad Basil
Graphic Design: Peter-the-Pixel Pusher
Recorded at Electric Arts Studio, Harrisonburg, VA
July-September, 1997

Special thanks to Dr. Jay Lockman and Dr. David Hogg of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Greenbank, WV


All songs traditional unless otherwise noted

1. Outer Space
(Lyrics by Bill Wellington, Copyright 1997 BMI; music: "Baby Face" by Davis & Akst)

Outer Space!
I just can't wait till I'm in
Outer Space!
Meeting celestial objects face-to-face
In Outer space,
Where the stars are glowing
And cosmic winds are blowing.
Outer Space!
I know that it won't be like any other place.
Yes it would break my heart
If the engines won't start and we can't blast off to
Outer Space!

Outer space!
There are a trillion stars in
Outer Space!
Spiral galaxies all over the place
In outer space.
Each bright light a vision
Of atomic fusing fission.
Outer space!
Where floating aimlessly is never a disgrace.
I know you will look cute in your little space suit

When we go into outer,
When we go into outer,
When we go into outer space!

2. Orville and Wilbur
(Lyrics by Bill Wellington, Copyright 1997 BMI)
(Music: "Frankie and Johnnie," traditional)

Orville and Wilbur were brothers
Who wanted to learn how to fly
Even though folks said it couldn't be done
They were determined to give it a try

They had a plan
(They had a plan)
And they were doing it right!
(They were doing it right!)

The brothers built many different kinds of kites
To see which one would fly the best
Every shape of wing that they could dream up
Was put through a thorough test


One day the Wrights built a kite big enough
To carry a full grown man
But they needed a way to get it up in the air
To fly like a Eagle can


So they built a little engine that would make it go
Fast enough through the air
To lift that kite up off of the ground
And join the birdies way up there


The brothers took their plane out to Kitty Hawk
On the North Carolina coast
'Cause that's where the folks who know these things
Say the wind always blows the most


Now Orville lay down on that little plane
And Wilbur made the engine go
What happened next on that December day
All the world was soon to know


For the Wright Brother's plane lifted up in the air
From a single piece of track
For the very first time human beings could fly
And we never ever would look back


Now all of you brothers and sisters
Take a lesson from this song:
Just think of all the things that you could get done
If you'd just learn to get along


7. The Weightlessness Waltz
(Lyrics and Music by Bill Wellington, Copyright 1997 BMI)

We'll be floating on air, in our capsule up there
When we dance to the Weightlessness Waltz
We'll find out how it feels to go head over heals
In the place where gravity halts

In outer space we weigh nothing at all
There's no up, there's no down, there's no place to fall
You just have to be careful not to bump the walls
When you're dancing to the Weightlessness Waltz

And so like Fred Astaire, in our capsule up there
We'll dance to the Weightlessness Waltz
We'll swoop and we'll swoon by the light of the moon
As we dance to the Weightlessness Waltz

Some day we'll return to our planet so small
Where gravity reigns over one and all
But what we shall be doing until Houston calls
Is dancing to the weightlessness waltz

10. What's Inside of a Black Hole?
(Lyrics and music by Bill Wellington, Copyright 1997 BMI)

What's inside of a Black Hole, Black Hole?
What's inside of a Black Hole, Black Hole?

It may be the strangest thing
you find in outer space
It could swallow an entire planet
And never leave a trace
Yes I'm talking about a black hole,
A great big cosmic drain
Where everything is falling, falling, falling
Never to be seen again

Oh a black hole begins as a star in the sky
'Bout two times the size of the sun
It's a giant nuclear furnace,
Powered by hydrogen
But there is a terrible price to pay
For all that burning gas
For this bright star is surely doomed
By its own tremendous mass


The star will shine for a very long time
Five billion years or so
But even the hottest star in the sky
Some day will lose its glow
Then the awesome power of gravity
Will have to have its day
With a pull so tight that even light
Could never get away

Collapsing in an instant,
With a phenomenal burst of light
The star becomes a supernova
Shining through the night
Brighter than a galaxy,
That's a hundred billion suns
And even though the star is now the size of a dime
It still weighs a zillion tons


This tiny star still has not lost
It's gravitational pull
It's become a stellar stomach
That never could be full
Eating every last morsel
Within the vicinity
And scientists think that a whole lot of stars
Have met this destiny.

Now you don't have to worry
That a black hole could get us
At least for several billion years,
I say that now because
The future of the universe
Is beyond all our control
And one day it may all be part
Of a giant black hole!


12. There are No More Dinosaurs
(Lyrics and music by Bill Wellington, Copyright 1997 BMI)

Oh there are no more dinosaurs, there's not single one!
But I'm gonna sing about them anyway because its fun.
They were the coolest animals a long long time ago,
But then a comet came along and they all had to go!

Oh once the mighty dinosaur roamed upon the land
Leaving giant footprints wherever they would stand
They swam in all the oceans and flew up in the air
Yes once upon a time there were dinos everywhere

Now some ate vegetation. we call them "herbivores,"
They were often eaten by the ones called "carnivores."
Their bodies were tremendous while their brains were rather small
Like some modern teenagers who hang around the mall.


One day a brontosaurus was chewing on a tree
When he saw lots of other dinosaurs begin to flee
He looked 'round to see what they were trying to avoid
And to his horror witnessed a humongous asteroid.

The meteor exploded and blotted out the sun
Which any dinosaur would tell you isn't too much fun
For without the sun the plants they eat surely can't survive
Is it any wonder why there are no more alive


For sixty-five million years their bones lay in the ground
Till one day, quite by accident some of them were found
We soon realized these animals were really quite absurd:
They were super giant lizards with three toes like a bird!

Now some of them had smoother skin
while other ones were bumpy
Some of them were very nice
while other ones were grumpy
Tyrranosaurus Rex was the meanest one I guess,
But the nicest one was "Barney" who helped save PBS!


16. UFO Alien Crew
(Lyrics and music by Bill Wellington, Copyright 1997 BMI)

Oh what would you do if it happened to you
On one fine summer's day
That a UFO from Outer Space
Took you and your family away?

Oh would you be scared that you'd never return
And have to live out in space
In a strange new land inhabited by
An extra-terrestrial race?

Oh how could you wash your tee shirts,
And what would you eat for food?
And if a space alien burps at lunch
Is that considered rude?

Oh could you write letters to all your friends
To say what happened to you
The day that you were captured by
A UFO alien crew"

One things for sure: you wouldn't be bored
As you traveled from star to star
For a UFO comes better equipped
than a fine Cadillac car

You'd expect to find very sophisticated
electronic gear,
For they'd have to be quite intelligent
to figure out how to get here.

But do they play soccer or baseball or chess
or like to climb up in trees?
Do they have pets they have to walk
and do their pets have fleas?

So if you ever return to Earth
you could write a book or two
Concerning your adventures with
A UFO alien crew

20. Voyager
(Lyrics and music by Bill Wellington, Copyright 1997 BMI)

In 1977,
High a-top a rocket ship
A little spacecraft lifted off of the Earth
And began a very, very long trip.
It has traveled to so many different worlds,
Where no other ship has ever gone
And yet if we all sing loud enough
It can still hear our little song:

Oh Voyager,
Out beyond the planets you play.
We wish you well on your way.

First you visited Jupiter
The largest planet circling the Sun,
Though it took you two years to get there
Your journey had just begun.
For then you traveled to Saturn
And flew through its famous rings,
Sending back such wonderful photographs
That the whole world had to sing:


Traveling on to the stars,
Taking our wishes so far,
But we'll always know where you are,
And everyday...
You go one million nine hundred forty
Five thousand miles
Further away.

Nine years after you left here
You came to planet Uranus.
You found ten moons and a couple of rings
That had never been known to us,
And the last planet that you visited
Was Neptune on a sunny day:
A pretty blue ball sailing through the sky
Two billion miles away!


Soon you'll leave the Solar System
And go out into the Galaxy.
Then some day you'll leave the Milky Way
And travel to worlds we can't see.
And if you are discovered
By some aliens out in Space,
Your message is that we are an intelligent folk
Known as the Human Race.